Singapore Grand Prix Singapore 2018

Major Takeways: 

  • Lewis HAMILTON (1:51:11.611) Max VERSTAPPEN (+8.961), Sebastian VETTEL(+39.945)
  • In the World Championship of Constructors, Mercedes led Ferrary by 25 points. 
  • Hamilton was the winner from the pole position, leading the championship by Vettel and Verstappen

16th September 2018 was the day when the 15th round of Formula One Motor race was held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Officially this race was also known A Formula 1 2018 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix. 

In the driver’s championship, the race was entered by Lewis Hamilton with a 30 point lead over Vettel. Ferrari pilot Vettel started the race in the 3rd place and in the opening laps overtook second place, before the safety car entered on the track because of Force India collision with Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon.

However, the German, who pitted on the first at lap 15 relinquished second place after Verstappen left the pit lane after it stopped a few inches away in front of 4th time world championship leader.  Max Verstappen overtook Hamilton midway during the tace when it held up in the traffic. 

The Mercedes was led by Ferrari by 25 points. Hamilton leads the race from pole position ahead of Vettel and Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton stands on the top step of the podium with proud and was looking bit emotional. This was his fourth victory in Singapore after winning in 2009, 14 and 17. 

Here is the overview of the FORMULA 1 2018 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore.

Practice 1 (14th September 2018)

The practice 1 session of 2018 Singapore Grand Prix was quite dramatic. The nearest competitors of Red Bull cars were Ferrari who leads the way in the primary stages prior to Red Bull laying down the gauntlet. Ricciardo tipped Ferrari as the dominant force in the practice 1 session, but during practice got underway at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Red Bull driver stood on top than his teammate Max Verstappen.

Practice 2 ( 14th September 2018)

In the practice 2 sessions, Raikkonen edged out Hamilton for the fastest time as Sebastian failed to qualify stimulation after smashing the wall. Kimi Raikkonen set a lap record of 1:38:699 to hitting Hamilton by 0.011 seconds. Verstappen suffered from a small oil leak before Dutchman reported that he was suffering from engine issues. The results of practice 2 were Kimi Raikkonen 1:38.699, Lewis Hamilton- +0.011 and Max Verstappen +0.522. 

Practice 3 (15th September, 2018)

The final Free practice session came to an end at Marina Bay. The Scuderia Ferrari drivers stood first on the timesheet along with Vettel who was fastest in 1’38”058 and Kimi came second in 1’38”416. For the complete session, both the pilots were running on Hypersoft tyres, working on race pace simulation and quick laps. 


In the qualifying race, Hamilton was on pole from Vettel and Verstappen. In Q1 Hartley, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Stroll and Sirotkon were eliminated. In Q2, Ericson, Gasly, Sainz, Alonso and Leclerc missed out. Hamilton leads Vettel by 30  points and head into round 15/21. 

Final Race

Lewis Hamilton won two races in a row. He won Grand Prix and snatched Italian Grand Prix from Ferrari’s hand. He created a dominant display in Singapore and won the final race with flying colors. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen came second whereas Sebastian Vettel finished third. 

  • Fourth Position- Valtteri Bottas
  • Fifth Position – Kimi Räikkönen
  • Sixth position- Daniel Ricciardo
  • Seventh Position- Fernando Alonso
  • Eighth Position-Carlos Sainz
  • Ninth position- Charles Leclerc
  • Tenth position- Nico Hulkenberg