Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka

Major Takeaways: 

  • LewisHamilton 1:27:17.062, Valtteri Bottas +12.919s and Max Verstappen +14.295s
  • It was the 71stcareer victory of Hamilton and 50thfor Mercedes
  • This season, Sebastian Vettel posted DHL lap for the second time at Suzuka

Formula 1 2018 Japanese Grand Prix was the 17th round of the 2018 Formula One World Championship. Also known as Formula 1 2018 Honda Japanese Grand Prix, this race was held on 7th October 2018 at Suzuka. The exact location was Suzuka International Racing Course in Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is the 29th time when the race was held at Suzuka. 

Lewis Hamilton, the driver of Mercedes entered the round with 50 point lead over Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari. The teammate of Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas stood third and was behind 67 points. In the 17th race of World Constructor’s Championship, Mercedes lead from 50 points overs Ferrari along with Red Bull racing which is 150 points behind in 3rd place. 

The great challenge of the season was a flawless lap of Suzuka for drivers as the race around 53 times. The fast nature of the Circuit, especially through Esses puts an accent on a good balance. 

The most notable incident was from the nearest rival of Hamilton- Sebastian Vettel who was 8th on the grid. But due to a clever move on Max Verstappen at Spoon Curve spun him out from 4th to 19th.

When he tried the second time to stood 6th, he was 67 points behind Hamilton. Luckily Hamilton again leads the race with a timing of 1:27:17.062, Bottas finished second +12.919s and third was M. Verstappen with timing +14.295s. 

Overview of the FORMULA 1 2018 Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka

Practice 1 (5 October, 2018)

Hamilton leads Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari by 50 points in the race with 5 races to run. It sets the speed on soft rubber of Pirelli, finishing 0.446 second quicker than Bottas. Briston was lucky that he avoided a high-speed crash when he entered Pierre Gasly who was slowly approaching the chicane. Lucily, Hamilton bypasses the Toro Rosso driver and completed the same session of his rivals, whereas Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull stood third. The practice 1 race concluded, when Lewis Hamilton won. He won 3 out of 4 Japanese Grands Prix. He also topped on the opening practice session and lead over Valtteri Bottas, the Mercedes Teammate. 

Practice 2 ( 5 October, 2018)

After leading the timesheet in FP1, the world champion exploits in the free second Practice. He clocked 1m 28.217 seconds which is quite impressive. It finishes four tenths ahead of Valtteri Bottas in second of Silver Arrow Team mate. Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari completed the top three after the duo of Mercedes, but the German trailing Hamilton entered into this race by 50 points. The practice 2 was won by Hamilton, second was Bottas and the third was Sebastian Vettel. 

Practice 3 (6 October, 2018)

The third day of practice 3 race was restricted by the damp and windy condition at Suzuka. But when the cars came to the track, Hamilton Lewis of Mercedes top the timesheet for the 3rdtime. The session ended quite harsh for Nico Hulkenberg when the Renault driver crash into the barriers heavily and bringing the red flags when there were just three minutes to go. 

Qualifying (6 October, 2018)

In qualifying at Suzuka, Mercedes doled out a lot more to their competitor Ferrari in qualifying at Suzuka. This helps Lewis Hamilton take his 80thF1 pole position of teammate Bottasas Vettel drooped to a disillusioning 9thdue to variable conditions.  

Final Race (7 October, 2018)

For most of the F1 field, it was a dramatic Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. But it was a good day for Hamilton as he wins in Japan and this was his fourth win at Suzuka, while Sebastial Vettle has ended up at 6th. It was the 71stcareer victory of Hamilton and 50thfor Mercedes. The second was Valtteri Bottas, and third was Max Verstappen. 

Other race results are- 

  • Fourth Position- Daniel Ricciardo
  • Fifth Position – Kimi Räikkönen
  • Sixth position- Sebastian Vettel
  • Seventh Position- Sergio Perez
  • Eighth Position- Romain Grosjean
  • Ninth position- Esteban Ocon
  • Tenth position- Carlos Sainz