Canadian Grand Prix Montreal 2018

Major Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen was the fastest in all three practice rounds
  • Sebastian VETTEL (1:28:31.377), Valtteri BOTTAS (+7.376) and Max VERSTAPPEN (+8.36)
  • 39th time a World Championship was organized at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.


Formally known as Formula 1 Grand Prix Heineken du Canada 2018, this Canadian Grand Prix took place at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal Quebec on 10th June 2018. This was the 7th round of FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2018. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was the winner, whereas Fernando Alonso has celebrated his 300th Grand Prix entry. 

Lewis Hamilton was the defending race winner. He was on 14th point lead over the World’s driver Championship Sebastian Vettel. 

Let’s have an overview of (Round 7) F1 Race Review: 2018 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix Montreal

Practice 1 (8 June 2018)

In practice 1, the surprise was – McLaren’s performance. He actually battled in the practice 1 of round 7 Formula 1. On the other hand, Red Bull, the winner of Monaco were not as quick as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Max Verstappen topped on the first practice on Thursday by the closest margins of 0.088s from Lewis Hamilton. 

Practice 2 (8 June 2018)

Practice 2 was held on the same day. The teammate of Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo was bound to the garage for a noteworthy lump of the session with issues with his power unit. In any case, the Australian made it pull out towards the finish of the session, ending up in third place to underline Red Bull’s quality. Hamilton was in the fourth position and Mercedes on sixth and Sebastian (Ferrari) was on fifth. The practice 2 race was lead by Max Verstappen  

Practice 3 (9 June 2018)

In the final practice session, Mercedes speed was the highest. As Mercedes was not able to match Ferrari, Sebastian finished second and Kimi finished third ahead of Hamilton in the Silver Arrow. The surprising fact about the world champions in the final practice was – A tenth of a second captured all the four cars. 

Qualifying (9 June 2018) 

In the Qualifying round of Canadian Grand Prix, the outright track record of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve was claimed by Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver stunning pole time was 1m 10.764 seconds. After completing 0.093 off Vettel’s time, Valtteri Bottas joined German on the front row. The Qualifying race was won by Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas was the first runner-up and the second runner-up was Max Verstappen. 

Final Race (10 June 2018)

Sebastian Vettel took the lead ahead of Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas. Former champion Lewis Hamilton lost his place from the stating position and stood fifth behind Ricciardo. Hamilton made pit stop earlier due to overheating of the engine. The race results were quite stunning as Vettel wins the final race, whereas Valtteri Bottas was second and Max Verstappen stood third. 

Other ranks were:

  • Fourth Position- Daniel Riccardio
  • Fifth Position – Lewis Hamilton
  • Sixth position- Kimi Raikkonen
  • Seventh Position- Nico Hulkenberg
  • Eighth Position- Carlos Sainz
  • Ninth position- Esteban Ocon
  • Tenth position- Charles Leclerc