Brazilian Grand Prix

Major Takeaways:

  • With this motor race, Lewis Hamilton set the record of 50 Wins out of the 99.
  • The first time Lewis won a Grand Prix after clinching a title.
  • Bottas finished 5th in the last three races.  

In the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton won gracefully after Max Verstappen of Red Bull lost the lead due to crash with backmarker Esteban Ocon. Verstappen was about to won when Ocon of Force India left his car inside the Red Bull and pitched it into a clear spin. This incident dropped the Dutchmark into the second place as he was unable to catch Hamilton. Verstappen criticized with Ocon in the driver gauging territory a short time later and drove the Frenchman multiple times as he communicated his displeasure at what had occurred.

Hamilton made an early stop for tires on lap 19, changing on to mediums with the point of setting off to the end, yet Verstappen remained out until lap 35. His speed was so amazing on utilized super-softs that he nearly did what’s necessary to rejoin without losing the lead. 

At last, he returned out 2.5secs behind Hamilton, and was on his tail inside two laps and passed the Briton on lap 39. Verstappen was 5.7secs behind Hamilton when he moved again and he before long started to crawl back towards the leader. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen completed third, the red autos unfit to test for the lead regardless of what had been seen as a profitable strategy.

Here is an overview of the 2018 FORMULA 1 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos. 

Practice 1 (9 November 2018)

Red Bull have lived up to the expectations every time and won the Mexican Grand Prix. The team was predicted a strong contender in Brazil. But after Max Verstappen topped the opening practice, the signs were quite promising for them. There was a narrow margin between Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes Lewis Hamilton. But the winner of practice 1 was Max Verstappen (Red Bull).

Practice 2 ( 9 November 2018)

Mercedes has been on the pole position since 2014 at every Brazilian Grand Prix. The practice 2 sessions have been only running for ten minutes when Nico Hulkenberg put lots of efforts coming out of the final turn. The practice 2 was quite amazing where the race was lead by Valtteri Bottas, second was Lewis Hamilton and third was Sebastian Vettel. 

Practice 3 (10 November 2018)

On the practice 3rd, the battle was between Mercedes and Ferrari. They both continue to fight for constructors championship of 2018. In the final practice session, Sebastian Vettel lead the race, Hamilton was second and Bottas finished third.

Qualifying (10 November 2018)

Lewis Hamilton, claiming the fifth world championship claims Mercedes 100thpole position in Formula 1. This was their 5thin the row. In Q1, Verstappen sets at the early speed for Red Bull because of rain. In Q2, Bottas lead over Mercedes and Hamilton nearly missed with Sirotkin. Lewis Hamilton seals 10thseason’s pole ahead of Vettel. 

Final Race (11thNovember, 2018)

Max Verstappen of Red Bull faced a dramatic collision while battling with Force India’s Ocon enabled Hamilton to lead the race. It helps to secure Mercedes fifth title of consecutive constructors in the process. The final race was won by Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and third was Kimi Räikkönen.

The result of other participants:

  • Fourth Position- Daniel Ricciardo
  • Fifth Position – Valtteri Bottas
  • Sixth position-Sebastian Vettel
  • Seventh Position- Charles Leclerc
  • Eighth Position- Romain Grosjean
  • Ninth position- Kevin Magnussen
  • Tenth position- Sergio Perez