2019 Monaco Grand Prix Review

The iconic street race weekend of Monaco is finally over and the glitz and glamour of the mesmerizing Monte Carlo city was omnipresent. The race on the other hand was dramatic like always, with the leader managing the pace of the race like some great drivers used to do in the past. Monaco is known to be one of the race weekends wherein the race result is 90% decided in the qualifying. To a fair extent, a similar scenario continued even this time around with the pole sitter winning the race. Lewis Hamilton won the race from pole but he did have to face a stern challenge from the ever charging RedBull of Max Verstappen. Max made things difficult for Lewis, who was struggling to keep the pace up because of his deteriorating medium tyre, which was supposed to last only for 50 laps according to Pirelli, but Lewis had to make it last for 67 laps and he did just that.

There was a lot of complaining from Lewis over the radio about the tyre strategy they opted for ,considering the fact that Max and Sebastian opted for the hard compound, which was the right tyre to have. Mercedes did not get their tyre strategy right this time around with Lewis and as mentioned by Lewis, they were hoping for a miracle and he made those tyres last longer than most expected. Max Verstappen was in the rear wing of Lewis throughout the race constantly pushing to make a move but it was so hard to overtake, especially considering the tight and twisty streets of Monte Carlo. He did make a late lunge towards the fag end of the race and both the drivers touched wheels, but no one suffered major damage and was good to go. Max Verstappen did end up 4th after a 5-second time penalty for unsafe release in the pit-lane which eventually ruined the race for Valtteri Bottas who suffered a puncture because of that and had to pit again. This forced him to finish 3rd behind Sebastian Vettel who was lucky enough to finish second. The feat of achieving 6th straight 1-2 finish for Mercedes was broken with this incident at Monaco.

RedBull came home 4th and 5th in a circuit where they were dominant in the last few years. Carlos Sainz of McLaren was the shining star amidst all this, finishing well ahead of what was expected out of the team here at Monaco, with a strong point scoring 6th. His team mate finished 11th just of points. The two Toro Rosso drivers also had a great weekend, with Kvyat finishing 7th just ahead of his team mate Albon at 8th. Daniel Ricciardo of Renault finished 9th and Romain Grosjean of Hass in the final point scoring position. Daniel was supposed to finish higher but the safety car pit stop ruined the race for him. Renault had a decent car around the streets of Monaco and were supposed to finish higher but that was not the case. George Russel finished ahead of the two Alfas, his team mate, and even ahead of Lance Stroll, which was remarkable considering the lackluster performance of his car.

We cannot finish this review without talking about the hometown boy Charles Leclerc, who unfortunately was not able to finish the GP. Qualifying strategy ruined everything for Charles with a 15 starting grid position. He was hoping for a strong point finish but that was not meant to happen. His move over Romain Grosjean at Rascasse was amazing but the same overtake move at the same corner over Nico Hulkenberg was not successful and this led to safety car. This incident ruined the race for the charging Charles. Will the next race throw in a surprise, with Circuit Gilles-Villeneue expected to be a power hungry circuit like always? We can certainly expect Ferrari to perform well like always, but with the Mercedes engine upgrade at Canada, you never know.