2019 Monaco Grand Prix preview

The most anticipated, exuberant, and one of the most favorite racing weekends in the entire calendar is upon us this weekend. Drivers and teams love this track and one of the speciality of racing this weekend is the excitement that surrounds the event in general. Monaco is a fun place to visit, and just like every F1 outing in the tight and twisty streets of Monaco, we are sure to experience tight and close battles between teams, drivers, and team-mates. This GP has always thrown in some form of drama in the opening lap, closing stages of the race, and even during the race, with pit stop strategies and tight passes, which sometime lead to safety cars. Just look at the history of this GP and you’d be amazed to see the quality of racing and performance showcased here. Drama and tension with party and fun always go hand in hand here at Monaco.

In the last few years, Monaco has been the race where RedBull outshine others, but this time, we are not sure whether it will stay the same after seeing the pace set by Mercedes in Barcelona, especially considering how fast they were in the final sector during Q3 of qualifying, which is an indicator on the performance that the team is expected to have at Monaco. Another interesting fact about this beautiful race weekend is the presence of safety cars. Out of the last 10 races, 9 times at least once safety car was on track which is an expected betting odd for sure. There has been serious drama up front in the past couple of years. Usually, the driver who took pole has the record of securing most wins here at Monaco. In the last 10 races alone, 7 times the race winner was the pole sitter. With this growing trend, we can most probably expect a similar result even this time around at Monte-Carlo.

Mercedes were generally slower in Monaco, especially in the last few races here, with RedBull and Ferrari showing excellent pace around the streets here in 2018 and 2017 respectively. We can certainly expect this to change, with Mercedes having a lot of pace at slow and medium speed corners, and Monaco has a lot of them. With this year’s championship battle expected to be between Bottas and Hamilton, we can see them fight it out for pole on Saturday and even during the race on Sunday. The first corner is not so long, which should be fine for the top 2 to 4 drivers, but the rest of the pack need to thread their way through the pack right at the first corner in order to make a collision-free start, which is always tricky at Monaco.

The Monaco GP is always known for incidents, collisions, safety car, and retirements, which means we can expect only under 16 drivers to be classified. Even in the last 10 races, only 3 times over 16.5 drivers were classified, which shows how tough and difficult it is to race here. The fashion, drama and entertainment that surrounds the Monaco GP is simply amazing. People hosting parties in their yacht, the stunning RedBull motorhome, and so on are only going to make the spectacle even more fun and entertaining for the locals and fans. With Ferrari expected to be the third best team this time around at Monaco, the local supporters of Charles Leclerc have to pray for some serious drama or reliability issues for others in order for them to achieve a podium result. You never know, anything could happen in the tight and twisty streets of Monte-Carlo.

With the 3 times F1 world champion and legend Niki Lauda passing just a few days ahead of the Monaco GP, whoever wins it is definitely going to dedicate the win to him. The entire paddock is going to mourn for his loss and so are we. For all those who are new to F1, this is the only race in the entire calendar wherein the two practice sessions 1 and 2 take place in Thursday and not on Friday, which has been the norm at Monaco. Monaco GP has always been the race weekend where celebrities from all over the world turn up to enjoy the racing spectacle and this year is going to be no different to previous years. Let us wait and watch who is going to reach the top of the podium, which has always been the number 1 goal for every single driver in the paddock.

Monaco GP Stats

First GP - 1950

Number of laps - 78

Circuit length - 3.337 Km

Race distance - 260.286 Km

Lap Record - 1:14.260