2019 F1 Canadian GP Preview

This weekend we are moving on to one of the most power hungry circuits in the calendar, where teams set up their cars to be powerful along the straights. Ferrari is already known to be the quickest car in the straights this season but they have not managed to win even a single race this season. Last year was a completely different story, with Mercedes trying hard to stay on the top. This time around, they have won all the 6 races so far this season, which is remarkable. Many racing experts and pundits say that Canada is going to decide whether or not Ferrari will bring the fight to the mighty Mercedes this season. As Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff suggests, this weekend is going to be a stern challenge for their team and drivers. Will they still win the Canadian GP? We can only wait and watch.

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is one of the favorite drivers’ circuit, mainly because of the layout of the track, which supports overtaking. The circuit is fast, and a low downforce setup with a good car is going to make the drive fun and exciting. Even with these hybrid cars, a fair bit of overtake was experienced right at the start and even during the race. Tyre strategy is key around this track too, since if you are caught in the wrong tyre then you are going to be a sitting duck along the straights. Teams have to get their qualifying and racing strategies spot on. Any wrong tyre strategy, like the one that happened with Lewis last time around at Monaco, won’t do any good around this circuit. Qualifying is key here, because in the last 5 races, the pole sitter has won it 4 times. Hence, the drivers in the top grid have every chance of winning the race.

RedBull and Ferrari have already had their run of engine upgrades in the previous races, and with Mercedes expecting an engine upgrade for Canada, we can expect them to be right up there too, like they have in the last 6 races. Without a doubt, RedBull, Ferrari and Mercedes are going to fight it out for the top spot. The wall of champions has certainly ruined the race for many current and future champions, but the classification record of the Canadian GP has been ok, with over 16.5 drivers classified 3 times in the last 5 races. The layout of the track puts a lot of stress on the cars, and so, they need to run on a higher engine mode constantly straining them a lot, which can lead to DNFs. Qualifying has been fun too, with the pole sitter having a qualifying margin of over 0.3 seconds only once in the last 5 races. If things go as in the previous 6 races, then we can expect a stern fight between Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton for the pole.

The city of Montreal comes to life during the race weekend and the buzz and noise created by the fans through the weekend is a great spectacle. Top speed on the straights might be the strong point for Ferrari but traction and braking efficiency have caused them trouble which should be resolved in order to win at this circuit. Many expect the dream run of Mercedes to end at Montreal, which should be fun for spectators and the millions of Ferrari fans all across the world. In the current grid, only Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have more than one victory, with Lewis having a resounding 6 wins over 2 for Vettel. Lewis has every chance of equalling the all-time win record held by Michael Schumacher around Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. Let us expect a thriller in Montreal and we are sure that we won’t be disappointed.

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit stats

First GP - 1978

Number of laps - 70

Circuit length - 4.361 Km

Race distance - 305.27 Km

Lap record - 1:13.622 by Rubens Barrichello in 2004