2019 Canadian GP Review

The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix was one of the dramatic races we have seen this season mainly because of the on-track action and a highly controversial stewards decision which is criticized both sides. The 5 second time penalty for car number 5, Sebastian Vettel, for going off the track and returning dangerously was the main highlight of the whole race. This 5 second time penalty resulted in the win going in favor of the charging Lewis Hamilton, who certainly looked super quick during the race. He had so much pace that he was able to stay behind Vettel just in and around the 1 or 2 second mark throughout the race, which was quite remarkable. He was unable to overtake the car in front of him even after being the quicker one, mainly because of this generation of cars and the difficulty of overtaking around this track mainly due to the whole layout.

Moving on to the controversial stewards decision, which is certainly the talk of the town. Even after a few days, the dust has not settled yet on this incident, such is the effect of the incident and what transpired afterwards. Sebastian refused to bring his car to Parc ferme to position the car along with other podium finishers. As we have seen, he was later asked to come to the podium and he did come after replacing the number 1 placard, which was placed in front of Lewis’ car, to replace it with number 2, which was also dramatic. There has been a huge buzz around this incident on social media and other media platforms.

Now as we know from reliable sources in motorsport, Ferrari have indeed requested the FIA to review the 5 second penalty and things that transpired on lap 48 between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. FIA will convene with the stewards at the French GP weekend to review the request and we can expect a response by this weekend for sure. This time at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, we witnessed the newly constructed paddock club which was remarkable. The commitment shown by the Canadian authorities towards F1 is simply amazing and the race was truly remarkable.

Sebastian was storming, was unbeatable in Qualifying, was quite quick throughout the weekend and in fact did deserve to win. A slight mistake in Turn 3 & 4 ruined the race for him due to unforeseen circumstances. The Stewards went by the rulebook and deemed the incident as ‘dangerous re-entry’. Talking about the rest of the pack, Charles Leclerc came in 3rd, and as mentioned by him, their strategy of waiting for a safety car to pit did not work their way. Nevertheless, a strong result for Charles and the team. Valtteri Bottas came in 4th and took the fastest lap point by switching on to the softest compound towards the end of the race to achieve the feat. Max Verstappen had a strong race and came home 5th even after starting behind his team mate, Pierre Gasly, who came home a disappointing 8th behind the two Renaults. Renault had a strong qualifying, with Daniel Ricciardo securing 4th grid slot and went on to finish 6th, just ahead of his team mate Nico in 7th. 

The home town hero Lance Stroll had a strong race and finished a strong 9th for the team against all odds. Many predicted the home team Racing Point to struggle but Lance was good around this circuit to secure 2 valuable points for the team. Daniil Kvyat finished in the final point scoring position. All other drivers and teams had their work cut out in the race as they all had to manage pace, tyres, engine modes and many more factors, which proved vital for finishing in points. The opening lap incident cost Alexander Albon the race as he had to retire. On the whole, it was a remarkable Canadian GP and we cannot wait for the next race at Paul Ricard.